About The Pop Dungeon

My journey started from my previously named Instagram account @FunkoPops4Sale (Spring 2015) to present The Pop Dungeon! Our motivation to publish a website was primarily based around the fact a lot of collectors in the Funko community were getting scammed from Instagram accounts. In attempt to minimize the amount of scammers in the social media community, I decided to create an online store where collectors could safely purchase exclusive Funko pops without worrying about being scammed.

Starting from Instagram I groomed my way into an online hub for Funko collectors,  and hopes to eventually open an actual Pop Dungeon store in Las Vegas, NV. 

The online store is open 25/8, because I will always work overtime to make sure your order is packaged and shipped as efficiently as humanly possible.

Thank you taking the time to read!

Visit our site often and join us in creating the ultimate online pop dungeon experience!